Hempful is the leading European producer of hemp foods, CBD food supplements and cosmetics.  We supply distributors, wholesalers and supermarkets with a range of fast-moving, high-quality products, all from sustainable, European-grown hemp.

Hemp and CBD are now widely regarded as the new superfood.  A growing body of scientific evidence and real-world experience are demonstrating remarkable benefits in health and wellbeing. Consumers are flocking to these new products but demanding quality, provenance and authenticity.  Hempful can help you meet these needs both with the right products and the service that makes them profitable on your shelves.

As a Hempful partner you participate in one of the fastest growing new consumer markets.  It combines so many features and benefits that shoppers  are looking for: great taste, healthy, nutritious and ethically produced, offering something for everyone.

Hemp seeds and hempseed oil for the health-conscious cook. CBD oil and hemp protein for the health and natural remedy enthusiast. CBD-rich hemp tea for everyone that needs a little help to relax and unwind from their busy life.  A product range that you cannot afford to be without.

Our latest product is Fresh Hemp Milk, a first in the UK and Ireland. Pressed from hemp seed, this is a healthy alternative to dairy milk, high in omega-3 and 6, gluten-free, lactose-free, nut-free, soya-free and sugar-free. It is flavourful and creamy, can be used in tea and coffee and is delicious with cereals, in smoothies, in cooking or as a refreshing drink.  Don’t miss out on this exciting new product which will fly off your shelves.

Please contact us for further information.  We want to work with you to make Hempful part of your profitable future.