Founded by Caroline Mc Menamin, a mental health therapist with over 16 years training and volunteering work. Caroline has been a Hempful customer and ambassador since early 2017 and we are delighted to support her valuable work in our communities.

Caroline’s experience living with her own mental health condition equips her with a personable, empathetic and non-clinical approach.

Replenish is designed to educate individuals, schools, workplaces and communities to act on their mental health through intervention from different fields of care.

Mental Health Replenish

“Hempful has been integral to my wellbeing, and that’s why I recommend it to all of my clients. My life has changed for the better since using Hempful’s CBD oil, and that is not an exaggeration.” Caroline

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Ciaran McFadden, 6 times Irish Champion, has created something special in the North West of Ireland. From out of nowhere Kombat has exploded on the European scene leaving a trail of devastation in its wake.

There is a wealth of young talented fighters in the Kombat stable and Ciaran has the knack and experience required to produce Champions. But it’s not just about the warrior chest of Gold Medals and Championship Belts on display at their new purposely furbished and equipped Jiu-Jitsu Gym.

Kombat is a safe place for men and women in our community, a place to support the mental strength required to face our daily battles and give us the courage to prevail.

Kombat Jiu Jitsu

“We are big fans of CBD and Hempful is our choice of Brand. In Martial Arts the smallest margins make all the difference and the range of Hempful CBD products support my team in vital areas of Combat; Preparation, Focus, and Recovery. To be top of our game, quality is not negotiable.” Ciaran McFadden


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