The Hemp and CBD industry is relatively new to most of you so we have pulled together as many of our CBD Oil Frequently Asked Questions to help you make informed decisions to buy CBD online or in your local Health Store. Here we will address many questions including; Is CBD Oil Legal in Ireland? How to take CBD Oil? The Safety Profile of CBD? What are the benefits of CBD? Does CBD get you high? And, of course, if you have any further queries we are available to answer your queries.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD, or to give it its full title, Cannabidiol, is one of the most prevalent compounds found in the plant Cannabis Sativa. It is non-psychoactive, completely legal and a major health-boosting ingredient. Full spectrum CBD oil is the most effective and most beneficial

CBD is legal in Ireland and most countries of the world including the UK, Europe and the United States. CBD does not get you high therefore does not fall under the Controlled Substance acts.
However, Hemp, the plant from which the CBD is derived, must be grown from certified seed and under license to ensure it is not manipulated to produce intoxicating substances. The legal standards vary in different jurisdictions. European Hemp has a legal THC level at 0.2%, whereas the United States has a 0.3% threshold. Therefore, it is vitally important you buy your CBD from reputable sources which comply with local legislation.
Hempful work with independent farmers in Croatia growing European certified organic Hemp

Safety Profile of CBD – CBD Oil FAQs

How safe are your products? Are there side effects?

Hempful CBD oils are regulated and certified by our local Food Authorities, FSA and FSAI, to ensure our products are safe for consumption and meet the necessary European Food Safety criteria for foods placed on the market. Additionally, all our products also comply with the safety criteria set out for driving and sports performance.
There are no negative side effects to taking CBD oil. In Fact, The WHO – The World Health Organisation – conducted a study into CBD oil in their findings they announced the incredible safety profile of CBD. There are no dangerous side effects / There is no risk of overdose, even over extended periods of time in extremely high doses (1500mg per day) / And there is no risk of abuse. CBD is not addictive.

Will you get high from CBD?

No, Hempful CBD oils will not make you high. In fact, there is no psychoactive effect at all from taking these oils. They are safe to use and have been audited to ensure they are safe for driving, using machinery and competing in sports.

Does CBD interact with other medicines?

Hempful CBD products are naturally occurring health supplements to be taken as part of a normal healthy diet. Your own personal medical queries should be discussed with your doctor.

Hempful Quality and Purity – CBD Oil FAQs

What makes Hempful the Superior choice in CBD?

We pride ourselves on our high-quality CBD oils produced to the highest industry standards from organically grown European hemp. Our chemist has over 30 experience in the industry, therefore, it is no coincidence Hempful CBD oils are recognised throughout Europe, the UK and Ireland for their exceptional high-quality and purity. Growing conditions are vital to produce good quality CBD products with sunlight (UV exposure) a key element. Additionally, Hempful CBDs oils are decarboxylated which plays a key role when producing high-quality CBD oils and, of course, all our oils contain a natural full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes

Is there THC in your product?

We hold the full spectrum of Cannabinoids and Terpenes in our oils. Certified Hemp has over 80 known cannabinoids of which CBD is the most prevalent. Full Spectrum oil produces an entourage effect and is the main reason behind the efficacy of whole plant oils. While most of these compounds have their own therapeutic benefit, they combine synergistically to provide a far better performance than any single compound, including CBD. See our CBD / CBG blend.
The legal limit for THC in Europe is set at 0.2%. Our current harvest has yielded ultra-low levels at 0.05% THC. All our CBD oils and products meet the required European THC safety standards for Driving, Sport and Food Consumption.

What percentage of Cannabinoids are in your product?

Our CBD oils range in strengths from 250mg to 1500mg per 20ml bottle, all with 100% active Cannabidiol, so our mg content refers to 100% active cannabidiol. The rest is made up with the full spectrum of further cannabinoids, terpenes, flavoniods and Hemp oil, nothing else added – just Hemp in all its glory.
It has been generally agreed that we should all be taking between 10 and 20mg a day of Cannabidiol to supplement our Endocannabinoid System. ‘Milligrams’ is the key factor here, so understanding the product you are buying is very important to determine your CBD intake. Some products contain both CBD and its raw precursor CBDa and therefore contain only low levels of active Cannabidiol.
Hempful CBD oils give you a precise dose of Active Cannabidiol per spray complimented by the full spectrum of Cannabiniods and terpenes as well.

Which CBD Oil is the best value for money?

Our most popular oil is our 500mg CBD. A great every day for everybody product which delivers exceptional value, purity and quality. So this is a great starting point for adults.
However, for the best value, I would consider the Strong 800mg bottle to be the best. You save a little extra every time you go up the strengths and the 800mg is a good strong dose at a very attractive price.
Moreover, all our oils are exceptional value. Since we launched these premium oils in 2017 we have always been committed to the best possible prices for our customers. We have exceptional quality oils and are very proud to share these with you at exceptional prices guaranteed.

How to take CBD – CBD Oil FAQs

What is the best method of ingestion?

The best method to ingest CBD is sublingually, under the tongue. By ingesting CBD under your tongue, you maximize the absorption into your bloodstream. You should hold the CBD oil under your tongue for 90-120 seconds before swallowing for best results.

What is the suggested dose?

Everyone is unique. Doctors who have studied and worked extensively with the Endo-Cannabinoid System recommend we should all be taking 10-20mg per day. This is a good guide for most adults but those with more serious Endo-Cannabinoid Deficiency System may require a stronger daily dose to restore and maintain a natural healthy balance. It’s good practice to start low, around 10-20mg, and gradually increase the number of mgs you take each day until you strike a balance which works for you.
Taking our recommended dose of 6 sprays per day –
Hempful 500mg, Medium, delivers 20mg a day and lasts 25 days.
Hempful 800mg, Strong, delivers 35mg a day and lasts 25 days.
You can adjust the daily dose on any of our oils, which will in turn affect how long the bottle lasts.

Further CBD Oil FAQs

What is the difference between Hemp and Marijuana?

The difference between Hemp and Marijuana is night and day. The term Marijuana was used by the Federal Bureau of Narcotics in America in the 1920’s to refer to recreational Cannabis. At the time cannabis extracts were widely used in medicines and other food products, so the department criminalized cannabis by association with Reefer Groups and the term Marijuana became the street name for recreational cannabis.
Hemp on the other hand, although a Cannabis plant, never did make it as a recreational drug. It doesn’t contain the psychoactive compound, THC, which causes the high. Therefore you could smoke fields of Hemp and never get high. When Cannabis was officially banned Hemp feel under the bus with it. The understanding today is Marijuana gets you high, Hemp gets you healthy.

Is it safe to travel with CBD products?

CBD is legal in most countries throughout the world, it is not considered a controlled substance. However, every country is autonomous and you should do you due diligence before travelling. Within Europe, generally speaking, it is completely fine

Shipping and Returns

What shipping methods do your offer?

We offer free shipping to the UK and Ireland on Orders over £30.00. In the UK we use Royal Mail, first-class and in Ireland we use An Post, standard. We also ship our CBD oils throughout Europe.

Where are the items shipped from?

Hempful CBD Oils are shipped from N. Ireland or our Co. Donegal office in Ireland

Payments and Returns

What is your refund and returns policy?

Please email info@hempful.eu if there are any issues with the product you received and we are more than happy to speak with you.

However, If you need to return your unopened product and it is within 7 days of receiving it, please click here to see our Returns Process.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment by credit and debit card. Our payment platform is fully certified and regulated by the financial regulators. And our website is SSL protected, safe and secure.


How do I contact you if I have any problems?

At Hempful we are always happy to help. There are many ways you can contact us
Telephone UK – 02871 879525
Telephone ROI – 07493 95882
Website contact form
Email – info@hempful.eu
Facebook – @Hempful
Instagram – @Hempful EU