Effect of CBD on Covid 19

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As the Covid 19 pandemic spreads across the world a lot of people are searching for remedies to help boost their immune system in search of natural health and well-being. The effect of CBD on Covid 19 and your immune system has been the topic of much discussion. In this article, I would like to address the subject with some perspective.

CBD oil has been making the headlines over and over again in recent years. Its rise to a potential multi-billion dollar industry is no fluke. The people who are taking CBD and benefiting from it, far out-weighs the resistance from anti-CBD lobbyists and policymakers.

Miracle Plant

Let’s get down to the basics regarding CBD oil and why it works so well. It has been around for thousands of years. Our ancestors knew about it and only recently, since the 1930’s, have we been deprived of this miracle plant.

We, humans, have what it is known as the Endo-Cannabinoid System. This is a series of receptors and Cannabinoids prevalent throughout the body which is crucial to how our body functions. It is vital to enable our body to regulate itself and control its internal environment, both mentally and physically. CBD oil engages and activates this system allowing our body to maintain and restore homeostasis, well-being.

Complete health and well-being

In other words, the system is not responsible for one single function within the body, for example, inflammation or anxiety, which has been much talked about in this Covid 19 outbreak. But it’s actually stimulating complete health and wellbeing both mentally and physically. The Endo-Cannabinoid System identifies imbalances and targets an appropriate response necessary to ensure the overall health and function of the body.

So many people have benefited from taking this miracle plant and it is down to one simple fact. CBD oil activates an already existing system within our body to promote natural health and well-being. Let’s be honest, we have been around for many thousands of years and maybe longer. Our body is more than capable of looking after itself. Adding cannabinoids to our daily diet, or supplementing with CBD oil in the absence of Cannabinoid rich food, will enable your body to maintain and sustain optimal health.

Since the ban of Cannabis and Hemp-derived food in the 1930’s we have become increasingly sick and chronic illnesses have risen. Dependence on pharmaceutical drugs is the real pandemic we face today. Introducing cannabinoids back into our daily diet is part of the solution.

You are in good hands

We have absolutely no evidence regards the effect of CBD on Covid 19. Researchers and doctors still have no clinical evidence of any product or substance with the Coronavirus outbreak. CBD, as with any other substance, product or medicine will stand on its own merit and be judged on real experience. For those of you who have been taking CBD for a while, like me, I believe we are in good hands.

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