Is Customer Service a service or a product?

Do you even get off your backside to visit your Customers or will a telecall suffice? Do you even know who your Customers are – or care for that matter – as long as they are selling your product.

Well – our Marketing and Sales Team have just grabbed the current methodologies by the scruff of the neck and thrown them out the door! We’ve gone old school is good school, injected an element of modern technology and taken Customer Relationship Management to a whole new level.

Supporting Local

By focusing on a “proudly local” approach, we believe that before, during and post Covid-19 local businesses should be supported. Regardless of the country, you will experience an enthusiasm behind the HEMPFUL brand and product range above and beyond our competitors.

That’s because we choose not to exploit the shelf space in their outlets for our singular benefit, but instead choose to work with the store owners and management, looking at ways to develop their brand and business with the assistance from HEMPFUL.

Green 100 stores

The GREEN 100 is the way we do business. And we invite you as a consumer to pop into one of our GREEN 100 stockists, shop local and experience the HEMPFUL support and product knowledge the owners, managers and support staff possess across all our products.