Hemp & CBD Beverages

Hemp & CBD Beverages adds a healthy lifestyle dimension to our product offering. Our delicious CBD infused coffee will leave you asking for a 2nd cup and our CBD rich Hemp tea will help you to relax and unwind after a hectic day.

Give your mind, body, soul and taste buds a real treat with both or either our tea or coffee. Available in Independent Health Stores throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland

CBD-Rich Hemp Tea

In true Irish style we love a good cuppa to warm the cockles of the heart – but we are not alone as tea is leading hot beverage of choice across the entire world.

Aligning our values and our why, we researched, tested and trialled an extensive range of hemp species until we were happy that we had found the perfect leaf and bud rich in nutrition and smooth in taste for a diverse global pallet.

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Lifestyle: Incorporating Hemp & CBD beverages into our every day lives.

What a result if we say so ourselves … along with the numerous compliments received from our consumers that have now incorporated our tea in their daily lifestyles

Suggestion: best drunk 30 minutes before turning in at night

Our tea is a great way to introduce Cannabinoids into your body.

Each box contains 20 tea bags individually wrapped in an aroma keeper bag to retain the full flavour and preserve the beneficial nutrients. Each tea bag provides approximately 40mg of cannabinoids of which 5mg is cannabidiol.

Both the tea and our Hemp are grown naturally with no pesticides or herbicides, and hence you can be assured that they do not contain any harmful synthetic chemicals or toxins.

CBD Infused Coffee

Having consumed copious amounts of coffee in the name of sampling and testing – the team settled on our first 2 speciality beans:



Both variants – available in beans and ground – are:

  • Single Origin (not blends)
  • 100% Arabica
  • Grade 1 beans – speciality grade beans with no primary defects
  • A coffee cupping score of 84+ with 80 and above sitting in the SPECIALITY COFFEE classification – not far off 90 and above which is the PRESIDENTIAL AWARD classification!
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These beans are then infused (not flavoured) with our full spectrum decarboxylated CBD delivering 210mg of CBD per bag. It is only after the CBD fusion process is complete, do we grind the beans (slightly rough grind perfect for non-automated coffee plungers) for the ground version.