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Hempful Values

Hempful is proudly Ireland’s leading producer of Hemp and CBD foods, supplements and cosmetics. Established in 2016 Hempful has been delivering quality products and service throughout Ireland with great success. Our company is founded on three core Hempful Values:

  • Premium Quality Products
  • Exceptional Customer Service 
  • Best Possible Value

We hope you have a positive Hempful experience on our site and in-store. Our team are always at hand to assist should you have any special requests or queries. 

Exceptional Customer Service

Our Premium CBD oils are available at Health Stores and Pharmacies nationwide where our customers can buy with confidence. We have always felt a strong sense of responsibility to our customers to ensure they have all the information they need to use Hempful CBD with confidence and assurance. When Hempful was first founded we had direct contact with all of our customers. We were responsible and accountable for our testimony and product. We never misled any of our customers. 

As the business has grown those original values are at the core of the Hempful Brand. We are dedicated to every customer who buys Hempful CBD oil that they get the same best service and experience available. You can check out our buying guide here to help you on your journey with CBD. If you feel you still need some assistance, feel free to get in touch and chat to one of our team. 

Premium Quality

Our goal is to provide customers with the highest quality products achieved and maintained through authenticity, consistency, safety and value. This commitment is rooted in our values and is essential to our continued growth and success. We will meet our comprehensive “Quality Standards” in all design, manufacturing, and distribution of our products as well as meet or exceed all government requirements and consumer expectations. We will continue to maintain these high quality standards as we continue to research, develop and manufacture new products by the most efficient means possible. Our commitment to quality is at the core of all we do. 

  • Authenticity – Non-GMO. We work directly with the Farmer. Our Hemp is organically grown in the Croatian mountains. Regulated, Tested and Certified. 
  • Consistency – Our Chemist has 25+ years CBD industry expertise. Hempful CBD oil is decarboxylated to meet consistent high quality standards. 
  • Safety – All our processes meet EU regulations in Food Production and HACCP. 
  • Value – From farm to you direct. Working from farm to bottle enables us to provide the best possible prices for you and your customers

Read more here about our award-winning full spectrum CBD oil and Hemp and CBD infused Beverages

Best Possible Value

All our products come to you at the best possible prices guaranteed. We do not compromise on quality because we believe in what we do. And we do what we do because we believe everyone can benefit from taking quality CBD oil. Our goal is to make CBD affordable and available to all.

We value our customers and decided to reward those customers who continue to support us and the independent business sector. We developed a unique Rewards App which gives back EVERY time you buy Hempful. Simply:

  • Choose Hempful
  • Collect Points
  • Claim Product

For more information and links to download our Rebalance Pro App.