Yes, we are a proudly Ireland’s leading producer of hemp food, CBD oil and CBD food supplements. But … that’s what we do… What is more important is who we are and why do we do what we do! Let’s Redefine Living.

5 years ago, Eamon Canning woke up early one morning (long before COVID-19 turned the world upside down) looked out the window and decided he was sick of tired of the modern rat race and lifestyle! In a world of smoke and mirrors, smiley facades and material accumulation he decided to embark on a journey to match modern lifestyle with the meaning of life. Age-old traditions and wisdom led him to the world of plant-based dietary inclusion and more specifically Hemp and CBD.

Over the next 9 months, he visited 39 Hemp Farms across the globe and met with numerous farmers, scientists and industry experts. It was only then after all the facts were extracted from the fiction, was Hempful born.

Therefore, in a nutshell, Hempful as an organisation exists to:

  • Seek The Truth by
  • Exploring Anchient Wisdom and to 
  • Challenge Mordern Bullsh*t and effectively
  • Redefine Living

Hempful – Redefine Living

This is the embedded DNA behind our business and everything we do. We have extracted the ancient wisdom and merged it with the convenience of modern lifestyle-enhancing technologies to deliver a world-leading experience. And ultimately Redefine Living

  • Our consumers experience our premium quality products with the benefit of being rewarded with our Rebalance Rewards program – Coming soon and easy to access on mobile phones by means of a mobile app, available on both the Apple and Google stores
  • Our Customers’ local community benefit from every Hempful product sold, with The Hempful Experience funding experiential welfare programs for those less fortunate.
  • We treat our customers with the respect, privilege and dignity they deserve with our Green 100 program

Local values, Global community

Whilst being proudly Irish, Hempful has also grown into a truly global brand now entering the US market, Africa and Asia.

We invite you to be part of this ethos as you experience our award-winning CBD & CBG Oils culinary exquisite Hemp Oil, ridiculously healthy range of Hemp and CBD Bars, rich flavour filled CBD Infused Coffee, tasty and refreshing CBD-Rich Hemp-Tea, and of course for topical application our ingeniously reverse engineered range of CBD Skin Care Cosmetics. (Officially launching mid 2021)

On a final note – what we do not do is as important as what we do …