Hempful Research Report: THC levels for food consumption and The Influence of THC on Driving and Sports Performance The CBD market has experienced exponential growth in recent years as rapidly changing consumer attitudes toward CBD-based products continue to drive demand. Until now, the industry has been without heavy regulation or authorisation, making it a grey area for many product producers. As a leading producer of CBD oil in Ireland, Hempful Ltd actively welcomes transparency in the industry and the need for regulatory compliance. Last month, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland published a survey which has reviewed the regulatory issues with hemp-based food and food supplements on the Irish market. The report highlighted 5 key areas of concern with CBD products in regards to food standards.

  • Some products are Novel and should not be on the market.
  • All products must be registered with the FSAI to be placed on the market.
  • Making unauthorised health claims or misleading labelling.
  • CBD content declaration must be within tolerant levels.
  • And new THC limits set for safe consumption.

  Hempful is registered with the Food Standards Agency and all our products are registered with the FSAI. We take the matter very seriously as we understand the importance of protecting both our consumers and the CBD industry as a whole. As one of Ireland’s leading producers Hempful are the custodians of the industry and therefore stand accountable for its sustainable future. In response to the new THC limits set out in the FSAI report, Hempful Ltd have conducted an internal audit into THC levels in our CBD oils. Until now the legal threshold for THC in any product has been 0.2% set out by European Law. FSAI have now set a safety limit for THC consumption at 0.1mg per day per adult. As a result of the audit, Hempful can declare that our CBD oils do meet the safety limits set out by the FSAI and are therefore safe for consumption. (see figure 1) We have revised our labels to ensure customers do not exceed the recommended dose and have implemented new production specifications to ensure the standards are maintained.

Hempful CBD OilsRecommended Daily DoseCBDTHC Threshold >0.1mg*
250mg CBD6 x sprays11mg0.018mg
500mg CBD6 x Sprays22mg0.036mg
800mg CBD6 x Sprays35mg0.058mg
1500mg CBD4 x Sprays44mg0.072mg
CBG Blend6 x Sprays26mg0.043mg

CBD & THC Levels at recommended daily dose The report also highlighted concerns aimed at driving and sports. According to the FSAI report, “While consumer safety is the priority, the undeclared presence of THC in these products can also pose a risk for drivers, as well as athletes who may be buying and consuming these products without knowing they contain a psychotropic substance. Also of concern is that people consuming CBD products containing significantly high levels of THC could fail a drug test.” To explore the claims, Hempful researched the scope of THC testing in the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the transport industry. Further research was conducted to assess the reasonable THC absorption rates from oral administration and detect the level of THC that would be present in the bloodstream as a result of consuming Hempful CBD oils The study found that consumers are not at risk of testing positive in a drug test for THC due to consuming Hempful CBD oils and therefore these products do not negatively affect driving or sports performance (see figure 2).  


THC levels for Driving

THC levels for



Garda / Transport

World Anti-Doping Agency ‘WADA’




Hempful CBD Oils

Peak THC levels Expected in Blood

taking Hempful CBD oils at the recommended daily dose*

250mg CBD


500mg CBD


800mg CBD


1500mg CBD


CBG Blend


Expected THC Levels in Bloodstream at recommended daily dose Eamon Canning, Hempful Director commented “Examining the results of our recent study, we can confirm that Hempful CBD oils are safe to use and do not alter driving or sports performance due to THC levels. Our products certainly do not pose a potential safety risk for consumers. Hempful is a responsible industry producer and we pride ourselves on our quality, upholding only the highest standards. Consumer safety is always our priority and Hempful welcomes the input of FSAI towards regulation in the industry.” We would like to reassure our customers and stockists that Hempful is fully registered and actively works in partnership with the local food authority, meaning our product portfolio is analysed and reviewed under European Food Legislation. A lack of clarity to date has meant that enforcement has previously been inconsistent and unclear. For Hempful, this cooperation with FSAI is vitally important and the report will help to put forward a framework for future regulations and testing. References: THC and THC-COOH levels in the blood after oral administration  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2689518 Garda roadside drug testing http://www.drugs.ie/features/feature/the_facts_garda_roadside_preliminary_drug_testing World Anti-Doping Agency https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2657492/