We are all shopping local. Fantastic. But what if you could take that support through the tills out into the Community? The Hempful Experience was born to answer this very conundrum!

The Hempful Experience is local territory community based by region, driven up from the communities and not dictated to from a corporate ivory tower downwards.

The Hempful Experience is a social responsibility and upliftment program, funded by cents and pence off EVERY HEMPFUL product you purchase. The program is 100% transparent and tangible with every request considered.

There is only one pre-requisite – we only focus on supporting and fulfilling experiences and not sponsored goods or commodities. Our rationale is simple – as an organisation that redefines living, we remain focused on experiences that will leave those benefitting, that will serve as a highlight and deliver an everlasting memory.

Complicated execution?

That is what we do. All we ask of you is to support this global by-territory program by shopping local (through our Green 100 partnership stores) and adding a HEMPFUL product or 2 to your basket. We will take care of the rest.

And if you belong to a community and want to share an experiential upliftment opportunity with us to potentially get involved in, kindly drop us a mail to