Hempful CBD Oil Creating a Buzz in Derry

CBD Top Tips and Usage Guide

It’s been a few weeks since we first launched our Hempful CBD oils into the local stores of Derry. The real-life stories and reviews trickling back from the local retailers is nothing short of wonderful. The journey from an idea to the great feedback from customers is a fascinating and exciting one. Hempful CBD oil has been creating a buzz about Derry

I never knew much about Hemp until a few years ago when I discovered the health benefits of Hemp for myself. I came across a lovely smoothie recipe online which used hemp milk as an ingredient. A little investigation and my eyes were opened to a whole new world of health and nutrition. I had been completely misguided about this amazing plant. And so my journey started.

Hemp Partnership in Croatia

My enthusiasm grew and I began to pass on the wonderful news to friends and family in Derry. Before long I was planning a new business and working with a young farmer in Croatia. In 2016 I linked up with Loughry College, Cookstown, to research and develop Hemp foods.* Then Hemp CBD hit the news early 2017 and my farmer friend in Croatia asked me if I was interested.

At first, I was cautious, but in May 2017 I decided to proceed with Hemp CBD. A lot of late nights and some fantastic support from local businessmen helped me to market by the end of June 2017. I decided on 20ml Easy-to-Use Spray top bottles. This makes us uniquely different from most other UK CBD products which are 10ml dropper bottles. Our spray top bottles give a precise dosage per spray (see link) and are much easier to use than the dropper bottles. But more than this, the Cannabidiol Hempful use is of the highest quality, confirmed by fantastic customer feedback. Grown in the Croatian Mountains the Hemp, Cannabis Sativa L, receives the best nutrients from the PH perfect soil. The Cannabis is then fully certified from field, through the lab to Hempful and on to you.**


At Hempful we are very grateful to be working with such an amazing plant. We take great care to ensure the Hemp is treated as it should be, with love, respect and care. And Hempful CBD returns to you all these things and more in abundance. We appreciate your feedback so we can pass on your experience.

*Hempful will soon be launching its next Hemp Food product. Watch this space…

**Hempful are fully certified by Cannabis Trade Association, UK and FSA. All products are third party tested.

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